About Us

Clients First 

RIC Global has devoted itself to the belief that clients come first. That has led us to create a business module designed to service the needs – and achieve the goals – of our investors as well as our advisory and trading clients. 

“Clients first” stands for professionalism, trust and a devotion to excellence. At RIC Global, our commitment to our clients runs even deeper.

For advisory clients, it means that we are independent and conflict-free.

For trading clients, it means that we operate the firm with integrity, prudence and a view toward creating long-term value with an ultimate focus on Gold Bullion & Gold Jewellery, Certified Diamonds, Diamonds Jewellery.


By aligning our interests with those of our clients, RIC Global has become a trusted partner for trading and  corporations worldwide.

Many of the world’s top private family offices value RIC’s careful stewardship of their capital and have entrusted us with ever-increasing levels of assets.

Advisory clients recognize that we bring a deep understanding of their strategic objectives and a commitment to provide  effective solutions to all assignments.

Trading clients know better than anyone that in the last analysis, our only freedom is the freedom to discipline ourselves. 


Above all, RIC Global takes great pride in the caliber of its people and the collective track record they represent. Over the years of decades running a family owned business, we have made a concerted effort to attract and retain the best and most maverick minds in the businesses in precious metals and jewellery, with broad-ranging expertise in private equity in mining base and precious metals, leveraged finance in physical metals trade, trading and many other disciplines within our industry.

Outstanding people have without a doubt one thing in common: An absolute sense of mission as we call it ‘Our Vision’.

RIC Global Perspective

We have developed a global perspective on markets and opportunities, with activities that range across Europe, and Asia mainly Hong Kong and Singapore.

In addition to our own highly talented teams, we have an extensive global network of market professionals, intelligence analysts and leaders in the corporate and public sectors. They have experience and knowledge across all markets – debt , equity, and commodities (this includes precious metals gold and silver) – providing a competitive advantage in maximizing opportunities and delivering compelling value to our clients.

Synergistic Businesseshomebar2

Investors and clients benefit from synergies across our spectrum of businesses, including alternative asset management in gold, silver and diamonds jewellery collections. 

We have a cultural and organizational structure that facilitates the appropriate sharing of insights and knowledge among all of our businesses, coupled with the ability to bring our full financial and intellectual resources to bear in creating compelling value.